Saturday, October 25, 2008


About my training..

Juz one word to describe it... SUCKS!!!.....


1st and foremost i was sent to the wrong department which i should not be in and it is LAUNDRY!!. its okay if u guys wanna laugh ok..
what is a culinary student doing in laundry??... cook linens??.. WTF??... i was so damn pissed off but what is the use for me complaining??.. complain to college and they did not do any DAMN THING!!.. its okay for that, but then i was accused for being rude samo!!. miss HR manager accused me with no evidence. i'm just giving suggestions in order to help me, my friends and u. BUT U ACCUSED ME!!..

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Christina Liew Man Ling said...

what the heck!!
complain to career centre