Sunday, March 14, 2010

wow.. its been a f**kin long time from the last update huh..well, here is the blogging mood again.. =) oh.. i realize something, when am happy, in love, crush, i will just start blogging.. buahaha.. it it good to share, right?.. in a way..

my life have change drastically this year, why?.. i cant tell cuz its private but it doesn't matter, the important thing is, it is a good thing and of course a good start. i've learn my lesson and of course be my self. i've been in a box for many many years and here i am now.. but still am not really that ready yet, i need time to adapt. u might not know what am talking about but some of you knows it.. i am more confident of my self and very careful. 

blogging is a way of releasing the words in ur heart as it is hard for a person to express it out by mouth. so, i am doing it now. but at the same time i cant overly expose.. blog is still a blog.. =)

i think i shall stop here and continue again tmr.. hahaha.. 

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