Tuesday, March 10, 2009



which equals to increasing on my expenditure ever month and being broke later on. Well, my dad did not agree on signing me up on gym at first, but since i propose to him that i'll pay ma self. he's like ' Okay BUT make sure u pay me back ar'.. yesss pap i'll pay u, no worries..

the fees was, Rm178 every month which i need to pay for a year. And i get another year for free. They have the one that pay everything for 2 years which cost around RM2K pluss.. me student ma where got so much money pay one lump sum..

anyway, its worth it to spend on something that keeps u self healthy right?.. but of course i must determine ma self to go to the gym often..

yeaaa.. i can do it... Bonne chance to mua..


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