Monday, March 16, 2009

We went tenji for our buffet dinner!!...
and yea.. we had a BLAST on that night....

let the pic tells everything....

jac, jie and me..

jie and me.. and desiree spoilt the pic..


eigen taking pic of US with his PHONE..

i dont know why i did this.. me and sheen..

attack her boobs!!!...

i seriously LOVE this pic.. omg.. desiree and nick..

up: shi xuan(mama) and desiree
bottom: eigen, me and sheen..

me and mama..

the groups... look at the coconut that we took.. lol.. and look at james face!!.. wakakaka..

up: hong jun
bottom: sexy nadya, me and Mr. adrian..

i didnt realise what jac did at that time..
up: eigen and jac.
bottom: henry, me, shi xuan, sheen..

sexy, sheen and shi xuan mama..

dunno who's master piece.. but its damn cute... lol..

the us again..

desiree block my face!!.. damn u desiree... >.<

me and mama..

nicky, junnie and gen gen..

me and TNB sheen ( TNB= tua neh bu)..kekeke..

cam whore queen.. desiree...

shi xuan, sheen, sexy nad, joel..

up: jie, me, henry and jac..
bottom: desiree, eigen, sio sen and malcom.

me and sexy..

US.... sorry nick, didnt post up the pic that has u cuz of the red eye thingy
.. sowee...

we had lots of fun and gain few KG after we got back.. lol.. we did lots of funny and stupid stuff cuz of the 'highness'.. i will forever remember this.. and thx to mr. adrian for comming..

Au Avior

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