Monday, June 01, 2009


yesterday was the most tiring day that i've experience in my whole life, i didn't sleep the day before but then i went 1U with 'girl friend' for some shopping. I have not shop for aprrox more thn 4 month, besides i am not in the mood these days. So to pampered my self i went shopping!!.. But again, its super tired thou, i even dose off in forever 21..

we went lunch in garden, the food was OK. we took the set lunch which comes with a soup and drinks. i ate this turkey with pineapple sandwich and shan took the butter ginger dory fish.

the Butter Ginger Dorry Fish.

girl friend with her food..

*didn't snap my food as i'm too hungry!!*..

refreshing Ice Lemon Tea.

after eating, we went deeper & harder for my havaianas flip flop. well, m'sia has no havaianas and the only place that we can get is deeper & harder. so guys, if u want to get havaianas, deeper & harder is the place. I never get a new flip flops ever since i lost my last baby. But now i have a new ones!.. =)

its so cOmfy!...

after that we went forever 21 whr i doze off while standing. lol. then we head over pull and bear. I saw this singlet hanging there, as i have not wear any singlet before i give it a try. After trying i showed shan. she says. ehem (something something la).. well, i get the point what she is trying to say, so ended up not buying. tehee..

looks like i have a baby tummy. sad sad..

then we went ZARA, i've been thinking of changing my style of dressing. so, ZARA is the place where i did my experiment. so with the help of shan, we choose all the RETRO styles and try it on. Amazingly, the style suits me quite well. Ended up buying a pants but not shirts, thinking of going back and buy those shirts now.. damn it!!..

its been a damn tiring day, we went back and i reach home around 7pm. After bathing and stuff i slept at 730pm, i couldn't make it to mal's birthday.. sorry!!...



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