Monday, June 29, 2009

updates updates updatates!!....

am such a PIG lately, the laziness is getting even worse!!. it proves by not updating my blog.. lol.. i was so guilty by dumping my blog like last time i did with xanga, so i am not goin to do that again.. here it goes again, the all in one post.. oh ya.. the bottom is the oldest and the top is the latest k..

i woke up at 11 am today to meet K up to pick some facial stuff.. i've been even more vain lately. Bought more and more facial stuff, mask isn't enough though. am ugly so i'm forced to be vain. =P. After that, meet miss D for 'window shopping' in pavillion, ended up me buying one T-shirt!!.. it happened like this, D told me if i should try a very short pants which above knee length, so u guys imagine how short it is for me.. lol.. well, its the trend now no harm trying but ended up not buying cuz i have very SKINNY LEGS!.. as D said, train more on the leg muscle to make it BIGGER!!!.. so, in order to try the short pants, tee is needed as i am wearing shirt, the tee catch more attention then the pants.. lol.. so... spend spend spend spend spend!!!... btw its in philosophy

LAB S E R I E S from K..

t shirt from philosophy, dont plan to snap the tee cuz it still nicely wrap inside.. lol..


my 'darling' came back from france yesterday and bought me the best chocolate in the world..

even the packaging looks exclusive.. but my phone camera looks chepo!!...


last week, my ex form lower 6 mates planned a genting trip, supposingly chris is coming too but at the end he cant make it so, left me which the only guy go wif them..

top-bottom = e-lynn, siok im, jolene, li tieng, sin hui, betty and me..



on the 15th, benny came malacca cuz he have not been malacca before, so me and chris bring him around and he stay for almost one week..

benny and me.. * eye of m'sia*

me and chris..

3 of us...

me went back malacca on the 13th to dye and cut my hair as taylors dont allow students wif bright colour hair.. i knw..LAME~!!..

the end result.. i look steamy.. well i'm juz showing the hair.. lol..

going back malacca is equal to spending as well.. so ended up buying lancome for my face, and redken for my coloured hair..



attend er jie's jie jie wedding and on top of that i bought zara shirt especially for the wedding dinner.. lol..

*shall post up the pic in the next post*


well, i did attend a fashion show which is slutty sixth sense.. its a total disaster for me.. shhhh... lol. its my point of view though.. booo~~...

i bought shirt for the event samo!!.. ish..

the shirt from topman.. regreted buying it.. damn it!!..

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