Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something wrong with me, my mind and heart doesn't work well together.. sigh.. well this post is all about LOVE.. yeah LOVE..
have you guys ever experience that, u had a crush on someone but then later when u were more closer to ur crush, the feeling suddenly gone?..

i have a feeling that, god thinks i'm not suitable to be attached, maybe i'm good in hurting someone's heart?. Its true though, i felt so guilty everytime when my feeling changed. my heart always says I LOVE YOU but my mind says, u're not the right one. its been 2 years i have not been in a serious relationship and to be honest, i miss the feeling to love and be loved.

Its not that am being so choosy, maybe the past hurts me alot and it really effects me now. So now i'm thinking, are you the right one now?. We have been so close these days, to be honest, i had a crush on you. But again, my mind says NO. sigh.. hopefully u're not falling on me. Or i might feel guilty and hurt again. I love you, but i'm not in love.


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