Tuesday, September 01, 2009

lazy LAZY!!

not again NOT AGAIN!!...truly apologize for the babi-ness in me .. gah!!.. collin even skip many many many many*100000 classes during this term!!... *punch me*!!!.. seriously, whats wrong with me?.. collin whats wrong with you?.. to be exact, skip almost 10 over classes??.. okay shit off about skipping makes me feel xtra guilty..the result of babi-ness = abandoned blog!.. MUAHAHHA...

*kill ma self*.. lemme update as much as i can.. *as if many people read ma blog* *SUPER PERASAN*..

before class starts, which 2 month ago.. the heng dai's flew to langkawi which is last minute plan and rock the island!!.. in the end.. bankrup till DROP!!..

in the mean time, i've been changing my hair style 3 times IN A MONTH!!..

the original so call emo + nerd hair style which lasted for 6 month.. and guess what, abby says the long fringe makes my face looks 'yong sui'

and then i chop my fringe off.. well, i'm getting use to it wif this hair style BUT..

i prefer this one, which is the latest one.. * lameness*


i've been thinking of goin melbourne to further my studies.. WAIT, i cant call that further cuz its totally a new course.. hmmm.. to... start a new life.. lol.. *punch*.. but the major problem is of course none other then financial.. thus, my parents is super confusing..

when the first time i asked them they say yes and sort of agree with everything, then the second time i ask they say no, then yes again then no, yes, no, yes..... NO??... gah!!!...

then, ended up i've decide to take LOAN!!..

ny ways.. shall update till here.. more to come!!...


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yeh ruenn said...

hahaha cause u aldy no mood to study this subject zor lar... that why like that lo .. aiseh ..... how are u di??? take care o .... eh bila u balik melaka ni !!!! over lo ... balik asked me out a !!haha