Friday, October 16, 2009

am proud and loud!..

This picture has everything to do with me, i can describe this picture from morning till midnight without stopping. The reason i'm writing this post on my birthday is simply because this band is the most precious birthday gift i ever had. I can swear to my self that i would never forget the moment where i started to build  'it' up.
But, the only thing that make me feel uncomfortable is, by building up this band, friendship is sacrificed and torn. Guys, whats the point of having things that you passion and the things that u wanted to do but in the end it is not worth it anymore?. sigh.. no matter what, i just hoped that things could just be normal as it be.

well, after talking about emo stuff, the only thing that can makes me happy is our performance on that night!..

thank you so much again to everyone for making this happen!!...

p/s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOI!!...*mommy i want a psp!!!*

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Daph said...

get a nintendo lar! XD