Monday, October 12, 2009

bangkok fun!!!..

assignments is killin me!!!.. that is the reason why i dont update my blog for so so so longggg... anyway.. this post is all about bangkok!!.. wohoooo.. after looking at the pictures again my saliva drip non stop.. all because of the food!!... blame thailand for having such delicious food!!..

well, talking about food i shall start everything with food.. *as usual*.

our first night was in  tawandang where they sell german beer and pork chop and stuff.. the pork was awesome!!..

the gravy was superb as it is sour and spicy at the same time.. the squid is super soft.. *glurppp*

the most tasty fried rice i ever taste!..

some vege..

 PORK CHOP!!... yummm

 stir fried mushroom..

and fried chicken

 awesome beer...

noticed the amount of beer we drank?.. at the left side..

at the same night we went to one of the hindu tample, but what i noticed, there was no any hindu devotes at all.. 100% thai's praying..

the tample is at my back..

guess what i'm eating??...


 TA DAH!!..
grasshopper.. must try!!...

thailand taxi's is much better than malaysia's, one of the reason because it is not proton BUT a freaking toyota Altist!!.. wtf??.. hahaha..  thus, it come with different colours.. i'm attracted to the pink ones.. never seen a pink taxi before.. and. one of the most convenient way to travel around bangkok is tut tut.. but.. kind of dangerous though.. when u look them drive.. u  wouldn't want to sit although its super cheap..

pink and orange taxi!!...

how could we go thailand without noticing any ah kua's??.. hahaha.. *damn bad weih*

the food that we ate infront of central world..

fashion street!!.. the clothes that they sell here are quite expensive compare to chatucak.

that night, we travel all the way out of bangkok, somewhere *i have bad memory btw*...  to a river bank where all patin's lay egg. The amount of fishes freaks me out!..


the next day was one of my favourite day ever!!.. shopping in chatucak!!..

the clothes are damn cheap and nice too!!.. not even 5 minutes when i reach, i already bought 2 shirts.. IMAGINE THAT!!.. and i feel like buying all the clothes in every stall...

all the things that i bought in BANGKOK!!...

first and foremost, thx to mr kew, for bringing me to this place. it was a new experience for me.. lol... uncle kew treat us in this restaurant which is on the boat, and at the same time the boat sails around the river..

leaves for appetizer...

nah, its a kind of delicacies where we use the leaves then wrap it with all the ingredients then eat it just llike that.. RAW!.. the sauce is superb!..


fried chicken..

this part is super fun, cuz the boat is going under the bride..

last pic of the day...

miss the trip a lot!!.. especially the food.. looking forward to go again.. hahaha... special thx to jac and uncle kew for sharing the experience with me..

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