Sunday, November 01, 2009

emo session started..

sighh... i have not post emo stuff for quite sometime but i just cant help my self to blast out my feelings agian. btw, just realize that every emo post is something to do with crushing on someone.. SIGH!!..

to be honest i've never liked this feeling before.. NEVER IN MY WHOLE BLOODY LIFE!!.. its very hurtful to see someone u like without expressing ur feelings to them or even worse u dont even know them!!.. this have been happened to me for the past 12 F**king month!.. what i meant was the feeling of crushing on someone u never talk to before..

well, it all happened when term 5 started, when the first time looking at u trough the glass window. EHEM.. but i have no any intention at that time okay.. whats wrong for just looking ONLY?.. but it actually happen when u stared at me the 2nd time i saw u.. for like 5 seconds then i try to 'not to see'??.. GAH!!.. even worse when i have my lunch in 138 and u were always there.. AND... kitchen class.. WTF!!... so..... is this fate or what huh??...

to make it worse, on the way to collage at night for band practice and i saw u walking back home. * but i have no idea if we were staying in the same apartment?*.. KILL ME!!.. whats with that eyes??.. that big cute shinny eyes?.. hehe *fa hiao* and ur smile seriously made my day.. r u trying to get my attention??.. NO NO i'm overly thinking again.. damn.. somebody pls teach me how to approach?.. i've been questioning my self how to control my damn mind!!...

i cant stop thinking of u.. seriously i cant.. every seconds ur face appears * sometimes i think i'm like those pervert physco freak*.. am i??.. i'm goin to graduate soon.. VERY SOON.. how if i leave collage and never see u again??.. i dont want to waste this chances again.. its very hard for me to fall for someone, especially this long!.

end year exam coming and all this stuff happened.. sigh.. how can those words enter my mind when ur face appearing every seconds.. how???!!!!... i'm still hoping.. hoping that i might get to you one day..


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yeh ruenn . 業. said...

eh budak .... after 12 months d , now only you are telling me arrr??? what the... heheheh .... maybe u just wanna be assured of what is in your mind is true and right ! hahah ... exam is around lerr... study hard then !!!! though u might spare your time to think of once a while ! hahaha