Tuesday, November 03, 2009

should i be happy or sad??.. i was happy for few hours as i saw u smiling with that heart melting smile.. i get to know your name today and was thrilled to see u longer next week.. * to be honest i felt like pervert/stalker who is posting on someone in the blog*... but i cant help it, i need to blast out in order to feel better.. SIGH!!.. how nice if we could start a conversation by now?.. just a Hi and Bye is enough * now i'm feeling even weirder*..

as GF said, its impossible. i knw its impossible from the start but this is the way i want it then make real then. But deep in my heart.. I KNOW ITS IMPOSSIBLE!!.. as i said, never wished what you wished for bcuz it would NEVER happen..

-collin- with a BIG sigh~

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