Thursday, February 04, 2010

i cant breath!!... the amount of assignments is killing me.. i know there is nothing to complain of because i have known that degree is a murderer. am actually kind of regretted of continuing BUT.... sigh.. today was a shitty day. got scold by 'someone' for unreasonable reason. class starts at 8 and its practical that i reached at 8.. so whats wrong with that?. AM LATE??!!.. okay fine.. i admit that am suck in cooking but of course i can differentiate what is raw and rare k!.. i dont know where u got ur qualification but i dont want to say anything.. who read my blog u should know who am i talking IF he gets to know i talk about him THEN I KNOW WHO TOLD HIM.. I KNOW WHO U R MR!!..


about the assignments again lets see..

law video *progressing
business english * progressing
economics * what the hell is happening?
marketing * i roonoo
french * for now no assignments (cross fingers)
management * what again?
entrepreneur * going smoothly
purchasing * TMTH

okay frankly speaking.. i dont know how to start. yes we did discuss about everything but HOW TO START??... gah!!... i dont know why my brain work so damn slow!. i tried concentrating in class but then.. i forget everything whn i leave the class.. i cant recall what i studied.. so it shows how srrrooooowwww am i..

anyway.. here is my another blog that is coming up. well, its basically all about my kitchen assignment. showing all the dishes that i cooked. oh ya.. dont get puke whn u look ya.. i know am suck!...

do enjoy!!...


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