Wednesday, April 07, 2010

hehehe... the 'fa hiao' season comes again. WHAT??... am single k.. and i have the RIGHTS to hiao.. buahaha.. neway, yesterday was one of my happiest moment for the whole year, as i get to SEE U AGAIN!!... lol.. but its different this time kay.. last time i dont not dare to approach u but yesterday i get to talk to u.. which is an IMPROVEMENT.. doesn't it??.. let me stress this again... THAT EYES and THAT SMILE!!!... gosh damn it.. am 'fa hio-ing'.. what to do.. damn 'dry' d.. lol..

but, anyhow i can feel the awkwardness, when u looked at me, i was like, okay what should i do now??... *smilee*.. and then u smiled back, but the problem is the eye contact makes me feel uncomfortable yet happy.. so called mixed feeling LAH.. when u come nearer, we did not talk, when i come out from the room i saw u and we still did not talk.. BUT WE JUST SMILED!!.. imagine how many times we smiled at each other. okay okay.. i admitted my heart melted thousand times.. BUT that was only yesterday, sigh. lakeside campus is so much different thn LCS.. i can spot u anytime in LCS and knows where is ur hang out spot.. but lakeside.. WHR THE HELL R U??.. looking back at my old post during october, makes me smile non stop 'like siao lang'..  that is the period whr i have crush on u.. how dumb is that..  oh well, thats life.. wait.. i mean my life.. not normal and complicated.. C'est la vie.. isn't it?.. 



einrihs_shirnie said...

jia you^^ haio da bo

kitzhai said...

aiyooo ~~~
are you thinkin what am thinkin b1?