Monday, May 11, 2009

i'm overly excited to the things that i'm not sure it might happen. But anyhow i must make sure it happen!!.. well, i cant wait to graduate this year and change my COURSE!.. the course that i wanted to take is absolutely nothing to do with what i'm studying now its a 360 degree change. haven't approve by that old man yet and no point telling my mom cuz she cant do anything with it. she told me..

me: mi, i'm changing course next year ar...
mom: HUH??.. change course again??. u wan to stop d??..
me: nola, graduate this year d thn change course, if i take that course i'll b in higher dip already.
mom: owh, ask that old man. he say yes thn can. u tell me i cant do anything..

its 100% true, my mom has no power for the approval as she is not goin to pay my fees. The old man has the so called the rights and authority cuz he is the ministry of our home. I'm 100% sure he will grumble and mumble non stop with my decisions and i need to show him face for like max 4 weeks. I DONT CARE!!.. I WANT TO CHANGE COURSE!!..

oppsss... realise that i have not mention about the course i wanted to enroll in, its fashion marketing & management, i have not confirm yet and mayb i might change my mind l8r. Raffles is the college that i wanted to go for but i have not check on the other collages. see how things go on.

my mom shock me today, she didn't ask me about what course i wanted to take but today she asked me.

mom: you are not taking hospitality anymore next year right?.
me: yea *smile*
mom: what course you want to take ar?.
me: u guess?..
mom: FASHION...

i was in a total shocked!!!..

me: HOW U KNW??..
mom: aiyaa i see i knw already.. why u didnt take that course earlier?
me: i dunno this course existed ma, i juz discover one. besides, if i ask last time sure u and that old man wont agree on me taking up this course one la..
mom: aiyoo juz do what u like ma.. so if graduate what u work as?..
me: bla bla bla * list down all the jobs*
mom: oh.. ehh today i read in news paper got this boy fashion designer also.
* i was shocked again when she show me the news paper*
me: u think that oldman let ar.
mom: i think he let la. it what u like ma. so, means u start all over again? if yes thn i dont think can.
me: nola, continue there with higher diploma
mom: oh like that thn ok la..

then the funny scene happen.

mom: ehh u do this fashion fashion thing u will bcum gay one lo.
me: umm... not all la..
mom: sure one, sure bcome bapok one..
me: *keep quiet*

thn i change topic.. wakakaka...

well, i dont agree i club every week BUT i club again last saturday.. hahaha.. it was fun this time and some stupid things happen, the police came and all the under age boy boy girl girl need to rush out... and i'm one of them!!.. but it was a fun experience thou...

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lionelyeah said...

hahahah .... glad to hear that !
support you alwiz !! all da best yea !