Friday, May 29, 2009

maaf kalian smua, aku tak de time nak update, sbab xde mood, sebab2 yg paling important nye..
i'm having a freaking desease!! a sickness that cant be cured by normal doc, which is fucking insomnia!!... well forget about it, lets back to business..
remember i said that i've been using this mask lately?.. the result is absolutely great!!.

let me show u..

its all writen in 'cina', i dun understand a single letter of it, all i knw is, the mask is very very hao..
they have many times of mask and each, has been labeled according to your skin type. for example, if u have dry skin, take the hydration thingy.. hahaha.. sorry man, i'm not good in marketing stuff.. anyway i have few pic of the mask..
here u go..

for further enquiries pls call 1-800-i'm nt selling...


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