Sunday, September 27, 2009

a very very last minute plan to bangkok.. BUT IT WAS FUN!!...

u cant resist the delicacies in thailand plus the clothing??.. absolutely a food + fashion heaven..

just arrived kl few hours ago, and this is a small and quick update, shall post up more sooner..

fortunately when we shop in central world, there are big bunch of small stores selling food on the day it self, anddddddd, the people who selling are not only from bangkok but from other region in thailand as well.. lucky!!.. the food was effing delicious, the mango thingy and the fried oyster was my fav on that day..

my favourite place to shop of course the small stalls that sell cheap and NICE clothes, but to be honest, i prefer those nice, big, luxury shopping!!.. anyway.. i had the chance to shop there too.. lol..
if we compare pavilion to central world?.. pavilion is like nothing IF we compare to siam paragon.. SUPER SPEECHLESS.. well i did bought something from central world which cost me half of my spending.. wtf!!..

according to jac's dad's friend, siam square is a centre of all fashion for students.. hmmm.. maybe its because all the shopping is situated there, like paragon, central, MBK.. bla bla bla.. anyway talking about students.. *phewweeet*girls are allow to wear very short skirts, its part of their uniform btw.. guys??.. skinny black jeans!!..

the delicacies in bangkok is nice but wierd too.. insect is part of it.. yukkksss??.. no no no, for me.. yummmmmm... well, they have few types of insects, worm, grass hopper, cockroaches and some other insects.. but my fav was the grasshopper.. not to forget, the drinks over there are cheap too, RM1 for a coke and not to worry about getting thirsty half way shopping cuz there lots of stalls selling drinks too..

we walk from morning till night, if u plan to go for food and shopping trip??.. bangkok is the place.. but if u plan to relax and rest then forget about it cuz bangkok doesn't sleep...

*coming up more*

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