Monday, December 07, 2009

gosh!.. i must say am getting uglier and uglier day by day.. with pimples and heavy eye bags??.. ZOMBIE ON THE LOOSE PEOPLE!!.. i don't sleep comfortably as usual, and i have head ace everyday.. brain tumor perhaps?.. CHOII!!.. anyway.. i went back malacca yesterday and got back kl 1 hour ago.. not to mention the rain makes my eyes focusing on the road without blinking for like 1 and half hour??.. well, went to li chia's dad newly open hotel and one word to describe. SUPERB.. the hotel consist of 16 rooms.. * i guess*.. but all with different designs.. now how cool is that!!.. and and and and and she treat me panacota in her restaurant.. first time eating panacota with gula melaka. bizarre but awesome.. the main purpose for me going back is actually to have a hair cut.. haha.. i know i know.. i'm insane!!.. but what to do, there is no any hair dresser in kl that i trust.. and the main purpose i cut my hair is because of the interview.. so.. its important!!..

but one thing still pissing me off is my pimples and eye bags.. i dont get this much of pimples in my whole life before!.. and my eye bags is like 20kg of water bag sticking on my bloody eyes!!.. MUTHAA!!.. blame exams!!!.. and the stress that the collage give!..

its okay cuz exam is gonna over on this wednesday.. and then it shall pay off by going vacation.. yeap yeap.. am going thailand again but it's totally different this time.. taking bus to hat yaii then van to bangkok * am so going to have blister on my ass* then flight to phuket and back to m'sia.. yes yes!!.. cant wait for it!!.. am thinking of vacation when my exam is tmr.. *baboosh*.. no worries, i know my what i'm gonna get for my result before coming out.. i dream about it yesterday and it is not good at all.. am ready.. i shall not emo.. *i'll try =)

*good luck to me always*


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