Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i cant belive am actually blogging right now with my sleepy eyes, but still i wanna blog!.. well i have a confession to make.. sigh.. its about my mom, i love her so much until i wouldn't want her to disappointed on me. i admit my self that am broke these days and she'll always hand me some amount of money to make sure am not broke, but i felt very guilty when spending all up.. sigh.. BLAME KL FOR HAVING EXPENSIVE FOODS!!.. she always give me what i wanted and make me feel even more guilty.. mom, if possible stop spoiling me.. i always wanted to spend my time on her but with one condition, my dad must not b in the house cuz when i see my dad i dont feel like staying at home and that way in other hand i cant accompany my mom..

sometimes i wish that i could work and get paid so that i can give mummy some of my money but still the fact is i need to study.. SIGH.. i promise my self no matter what i'll protect her and let her be happy with her life cuz she never had one.. she never believe in happy endings cuz she never felt happy with her life before.. she suffered the moment when she was a baby until today. she is bullied by her siblings and relatives and even her own husband and her children. Mom, no matter what am always by ur side love and care for you. i never said I LOVE YOU before but to b honest I REALLY LOVE U.. i dont know how to tell u face to face.. i dont know how to hold ur hand and tell u am always by ur side and i dont know how could i live without u.. promise i'll take care of u, promise i'll never leave u alone and promise i will not burden u anymore.

p/s: i love u mom.

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