Friday, January 15, 2010

everything has changed, and i guess my life is going to be so different compare to last year. To be honest, i dont want to continue my degree at all. If its not because of you, then i guess i'll b working right now. Tomorrow is another big day for me, where i really determine my fate, to see whether GOD wants me to study or work. YES!, i let GOD to decide my future, not me who decides. cuz am tired worrying about whats next.

well, i think i'm really gonna miss u if i really got that job, but its the best decision that i can do FOR me.
anyway, just came back from lunch with teck wei and we talked ALOT and he let me realize that many people are really worried of me to get a girl friend. i obviously see that most of my heng dais now is attached, and i'm still lonely pooney.. sounds gay...  anyway cut of those craps.

if u guys really curious, am actaully having a crush for almost 1 and half month. WHO?.. no body knows.. except... 'u knw who u r'. and again.. i fall for the person that is impossible to b together. as i said, its better for me to get the job. Actually, to b attached or not is not really worrying me BUT the person who worried about me makes me really worried... dont worry about me bros.. thx and i still love u guys..

my life has changed since high school, its a good thing anyway. am happier now and living my life to the fullest.thx to my heng dai's and collage mates u guys have made my life nothing but PERFECT. THANKS to desiree darling for listening to my problems and keep it secret, gay partner/brother yip and goh for accompany me whn i am bored and made me laugh. and teck wei for bcoming a big bro of mine and he talks exactly like my brother. my best buddy christopher peng  for making me laugh and made my day when am emo. yeh ruen the best kor ever for listening to my problems and giving me advise. sio sen for helping me alot in studies and etc. nick thang for helping me alot in my studies as well and all my course mates, u knw i love u guys right.. =)

oh ya.. shan shan gf and alby kor.. how can i survive without both of u.. =)

SIGH.. i dont know how my life would b after tomorrow. its either the normal life again or the hectic, fun, tiring, bla bla bla... pray hard that i can get it.. 


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