Tuesday, January 05, 2010

another thailand trip...

this was 3rd time visiting bangkok and 2nd time for this year, but it is totally different this time bcos i dont only visit bangkok but hatyaii and phuket as well.. what makes this trip awesome was i travel with my bros/the traveling crews. we reach phuket with empty pockets cuz we spend all our money shopping in bangkok.. lol.. i still miss the trip and hopefully we can have it once again.

oh ya.. i have a wife and a boy friend when i was in bangkok.. lol..=) what to do, bangkok loves me and i love bangkok very much too.. hahaha.. thats the reason i travel thr alot.. during the trip we enjoy teasing each other,rapping, touching, joking, and gaying.. we cant help it cuz its all guys trip..lol..

so let me briefly describe how we manage our trip:
took bus from kl to hat yaii- 8 hrs
took van from hat yaii to bangkok- 12 hrs!!... @.@
plane from bangkok to phuket- 1 and half hours
plane from phuket to kl- 1 and half hours.

ANYWAY.. let the pictures do the talking kay..

 i was stuck in the malaysia custom.. whr the gates wouldn't open and couldn't read my passport as well.. ish!!..

camwhore in tut tut @ hat yaii...

james discovered these delicious burgers in 7eleven.. since then it was our fav meal.. lol..

12 hrs in the van = tired, ass burning, need more ciggi!!.. our faces proves everything..

sleeping in the small tiny van...

when we reached bangkok its about 5am and the first thing we do was brush our teeth and wash our face in the public toilet.. lol..

bagun pagi.. gosok gigi cuci muka dalam tandas awam..

then we immediately head to the FLOATING MARKET!...

on the small tiny boat..

the floating market...

we had our breakfast on the boat, which is fun!...

noodles yum!!..

we live in a hotel very near to MBK and most of the time we walk and seldom took the cab.. it save our cost alot but still we finish up our money.. lol.. we took the MRT which is much more cheaper then the cab and tut tut..

 notice the pink colour cab AGAIN??.. lol.. i dont knw why it still attracts my attention..

in the train on the way to chatucak for SHOPPING.. wohoo..

okay... let me 'story' abit about this picture.. well i never cross a railway track before and this was my first time.. so, actually we wanted to go silom and we need to walk around 10 km from our hotel to get thr.. and on the way, we need to cross the train tracks... from the picture we actually came from the right where after we cross the track.. it was cool and while crossing am really worry that my leg would stuck on the railway like the drama drama scene.. haha..

  this is the twins.. the left one thinks he is hot and the right one thinks he is hotter.. but the fact is i am hotter than them.. hahaha... anyway.. they r my BROS... =)

our last night in bangkok, and we had our dinner in the river side cruise.. food was extreme sucks  and expensive.. sad to leave bangkok but even sadder whn we ate the food... =(

on the cruise...

ethan caught stealing all the prawns..

  tsk tsk tsk.. nam nam.. why la like that!!...

after dinner me, goh, yip, nam, teck wei and yee vern plan to take pic in paragon.. but too bad after 15 mins we arrived all the lights are off..

the next day, we woke up at 4am cuz our flight was at 7am.. when we reached phuket, we were kind of shock cuz most of the population are westerners.. thx god we stay there for only 3 days but not more thn that cuz all of us was BROKE.. and the food in phuket is extremely expensive.. 

  the 4 leng zhais.. buahaha.. waiting for our transport to the jetty..

the ocean was fantastic and the scenery was breathtaking..  we do some snorkeling but then the corals are all death.. but still the sea water was very clear and the sands are soft..

phi phi island..

cam whore on the boat..

phi phi island.. =)

whore lagiiiii!!....

and the last day our flight was at 8pm.. we reached the airport earlier and these kids play tai ti on the floor middle of the walkway...

well in conclusion.. we really enjoyed the trip alot and it brings lots of memories.. it even strengthen our relationship as friends and bros.. until today am still missing the trip and hope that we can do this even often.. =)

anyway.. those who i will never see u guys again hopefully am still in ur mind cuz u guys is always on my mind.. taylors dont change me but the friends in taylors changed me alot to who collin is today..

love u all... =)

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