Sunday, September 21, 2008

AH beng~

i really hav probs looking ah bengs walking around shopping centre.. when we see ah beng for sure we can see ah lian.. what makes my eye pain is their dressing which is a FASHION disaster!!..
ah beng and ah lian is 'born' when malasian chinese tries to follow up the japanese way of dressing.. which is very very very improper..

ah beng is divided into few catagories..
1st, is the gangster beng.. every word that came out from their mouth is 'cibai'... for example..

ah beng 1:CIBAI!!!.. whn wan pay money??..
uncle: tmr, pls giv me one more day..
ah beng1: chau cibai.. tmr tmr tmr.. u think wat??.. life breath candle ar??...

they love to 'sebar' thier kata kata suci like there is no tomorrow.. what they always do is right.. what we do is wrong.. they can kill ur families but u cant kill theirs.. they can park their car in front of ur house but u cant.
dressin code..
1.t shirt wif collar- muz got dragon!!..
2.bell bottom jeans
3.slippers. =.='
4. dragon tattoos.. *optional*
and their hair.. seriously.. OH MY GOD... thy wanted to follow those 'ang mo' which is so called 'blonde'...

ah beng slipper and shoes..

this is one of the example of gangster ah beng's hair..

2nd, is the sissy ah beng.. this type of ah beng dont have attitude probs.. what is their probs is their dressing..
dress code:
1. 5 layers of shirts+t shirts *as if malaysia got winter*
2. carrot cut jeans.
3. assesories, especially necklace.. *dunno weigh how many tons*
4. HANDBAGS!!!... omg....
HAIR.... very very very very long.. got perm samo.. *faint*... but the most popular ones is rebonding..

reboning thn got spike samo.. not bad ar~..

all the ah bengs have one thing in common which is cars.. they have many many types of colour..
blue, green, orange, RED....???... and of course the patern patern paint thingy..

a piece of shit...

ah bengs!!!.. leave me alone!!..

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hwee said...

gosh u have many comments haR!! wait till u see seng meng la.. wanna c what u comment about him haha!