Friday, September 05, 2008

TAYLORS... =.=


Taylor's School of Hospitality,

Full of people from many cities,
You can find emo, rich, lala and 'cc',
But most of them very 'lan ci'.

First i enter Taylors i got no kaki,
later i found someone likes to play tai ti,
here we can find a lot of kaki,
then i started don't want study,
That why we should blame Taylors school of hospitality,

Admin people very useless,
Ask for help they show faces,
Most of them are old with wrinkles,
Those young ones are full with pimples,

Ooi chee kok always say taylors got quality,
Instead everyone knows they are lousy,
Taylors motive just to earn money,
So that they can build more buildings.

If you want to find Job find Mr.Tan,
He is in career centre all the time,
likes to find fault with everyone,
Thats why his face like orang Utan,

The lecturers teach like bugs bunny,
No wonder they are so lousy,
And their faces looks so funny,
like Talos the Mummy,

Some lecturers are quite funny,
like Mr.Daniel and Mr Suhaimi,
They teach us all about F&B,
and they have very high salary,
all because Taylors clever to make money.

People thinks mr. Adrian is gay,
But he is totally straight,
He teaches moral everyday,
All his jokes can make us faint,
but sometimes we think he's quite lame. =.='

People always say Taylors very good,
Student over there cook very nice food,
Student cook good is very true,
But lecturer cook taste like PUKE.

Taylors always no electricity,
Because everytime didn't pay bill,
All the students very angry,
Thats why basement got API!!..

Taylor's hostel is in mentari,
You can find tons of rubbish in the lift,
The facilities over there very lousy,
That's why student stay half year then lari!!.

Thats all the story about Taylors,
i'm going to complain to my mother,
she is going to sue taylors,
nah i'm juz joking.... to all bloggers!!...

nothing better to do ma.. so why not create a poem for my 'beloved' college.. hehehez...
-created by mr.collin she eng hock-


mE said...

walau BOBBYYY!! also got blogspot huh??

haha u love ur college...TOO MUCH!!
xxx <3

ur beloved cousin ANN

collin_she89 said...

yalorr.. i prefer blogspot.. lolx.. yala.. 'love' too much d..

OUR HOME said...
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OUR HOME said...

wow...not bad le ur poem...
can become part time poetry dy...
hehe...Y NOT...haha

-si wei-

Jolie said...

nice poem, haha..... clever la u