Saturday, September 13, 2008

exam week!!!...


1. dissappointed with the questions. *study like hell but question quite easy*

2. study like orang gila sampai pukul 6 pagi but people copy in the class like no body business

3. lecturer: study all.. *but come out quater*

4.insufficient sleep.. *sleep for like 4 hours 1 day*

5.accounts dunno what the hell happen also how to take exam??...

6.maths... ummm okok laaa...

7.spirits.. * THX MR SUHAIMI!!*... =)

8. oneology.. super depress due to too much careless mistakes..

goodluck to me.... accounts, maths and english is next week.. english i'm so going to use my CINA grammar.. =.='

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hwee said...

collin u know mandarin??