Thursday, April 16, 2009

i remembered i've seen u somewhere but i couldn't recall where,
mayb in my dreams....
when i was doing my stuff i saw u walking around but i have no interest on you at all,
you are not my type that i always hoped for,
u look so naive, innocent, and quiet but no doubt u are cute.. ^^
but when days passes, i seen u more and more often,
the way u looked at me, make me has goosebumps,
when i'm bored ur face appears in my mind,
if u didn't, i wouldn't have this feelings now..
fate??... I HOPED SO!!..
i know i dont have the BALLZ to talk to u,
but i hoped one day, mayb one fine day u could come and talk to me.. =)

i wished one day we could start being friends first,
i wished one day u could give a chance to express my feelings,
i wished one day u'll give me a chance to love again,
i wished u could cherish me and we could have the happiest moment together.
i could hug u and never let u go,
* its my fantasy if we were together*...


i wished i could u see u there everyday at 7 PM!!...
i hoped to see u everyday......

i dont have this type feeling for a long time since so many years and it came just like that.
i hate it!!..


ps: i dont know i should believe in love at first sight..

1 comment:

Denise said...

but it sucks to have a crush.
Have to keep everything to yourself.