Tuesday, April 28, 2009

guys, about the site. there is tons of grammar mistakes and i apologize for that.

in the other hand, let me blast a lil k.
these days i spend my time in fish gusto cuz of the so called internship, but indeed it is my internship and the worst part is, i had no day off. NOT EVEN A SINGLE DAY!!..
the good part is, my working hour is 3 to 7 but on weekends, 3 to 10. i need to see my father's face everyday which i cant take it and hearing him nagging. but i've been thinking alot lately due to the boredom, my brain cant stop thinking of stupid stuff. due to that, i'm having a 'emo period' which leads to anger... i cant help it.. =(

on the otherhand, i dont show my temper often in front of my friends, i just smiled and make it like nothing happens to avoid conflicts. but i learned something, the more u keep it, they even will take advantage on u. so.... i've learn to choose my friend wisely, avoid the one that should be avoided. And appreciate the one that should be appreciated.

*some of u dont perasan k*
and dont bother to ask me who also.. lol...

anyway, about the crush thingy, i'm over it!!...

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