Saturday, September 05, 2009

the merdeka trip..

Penang boy propose to us free supply of food for 4 days in penang.. ehem.. HOW COULD I say no?? duh~.. well thx to our penang host.. KEW HEE JAC..
the trip was a seriously awesome, especially the food...

the wan ton me is much more better thn KL.. duh~

                         visit penang wihout penang laksa??.. where can!!..

chicken rice that make my feet dance..

the temptation of cam whore is always there.. *baboosh!!*

i must admit that penang is way much more better then malacca in term of fashion, penang is coping up like no body business. u cant compare shopping centre in penang and kl.. *duh*.. BUT i must give credit to the gov in penang, the shopping centre in superb yoo!.. scenery and ambiance?... u shall see it l8r..

benny and ethen bought nerd spec..
the desserts in penang is irresistible.. well, i'm not talking about those traditional desserts *swt*.. the western ones is good enough..

ICE ICE BABY is a must place to go for dessert *i hope they have one in kl.. cuz swensens is damn expensive!!* ice ice baby is just located in auto city.. auto city??.. A well developed place that has everything.. food, clubs, night market.. u name it..

after dessert, we do 'pubbing' just above ice ice baby, TAO!!..

the love bugs...

benny always owned the photo!!.. gahh!!..

dua budak tipsy..
The scenery in penang is breath taking.. u can see stars at night!!.. hahaha...

see what i mean about scenery..
the robber and the bitch??..
i vote this as the best pic of the day.. wakaka..

i've not been to clubs in penang before, since its merdeka.. so, we plan to celebrate in the club, mois *sexy name huh*.. lol.. and i had most blastest clubbing night ever..
on the way to the club and in the club.

me and host of the day, michelle teng..

lastly, the bitch hitting on the club!!..

we enjoy lots and load till speechless, i couldn't say anything but just thank you so much to mr.kew..

*condolence to kew's family with the lost of your beloved grandma. may she rest in peace..

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