Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GF getting 1 yr older celebration..,

i realize that my blog is so 'rojak' right now.. anyway this is celebration suppose to be last 2 weeks. due to exams and shits i never had a time to  update my blog..

pfffffttt.... my english is so manglish these few days.. gahh!!.. someone please help me!!..

i'm so damn 'jakun'... no, seriously.. i didn't know that JAYA ONE in PJ has lots of restaurant, i only thought that the only restaurant they have is the one that facing the streets.. lol.. shame on me man, live in kl for almost 2 yrs and lots of things i still missed out on.. damn it!!..

dont care!!.. must have one EXPENSIVE MAKAN TRIP ONE DAY!!..

anyway.. its shan's birthday dinner in kissaten with 10 people only, i thought many people coming for the celebration as well, who knws they are goin to have 2nd round in michelle place.. too bad, its exam week.. so.. yea.. here it goes..

ohh... let start with fooooooooood again.. yay!..

not many pic on shan's camera cuz the girls bought their camera as well.. but SEMUA CANON.. i want 1 too!!!...

its a japanese+western restaurant.. so called fusion la..

chicken terriyaki sandwich with wasabi.. should look at freda face whn she accidentally ate the wasabi... GAGAGA!!...

salmon pizza..

egg sandwich i guess.. girls who wanna go for diet, come kissetan and order this.. eat every also CAN!..

  birthday girl with her japanese beer..

michelle with her beer..

look how petite is gf.. cute right.. hehe..

freda looks sexy for the 1st time..  *piak*

1st time met ferlynn and we are in the same collage. but never met each other in collage before.. *the girl at the back..

i dont knw how this smile can pop out..

me and the birthday girl..

the girls..

lets squad....

apart from that..

another problem have to face.. and it always have to be financial.. damn it.. i dont think i get to go overseas for my studies but to stuck here for 1 or 2 years 1st.. then we shall see hows the future l8r..in order to ease my mom's burden, it is better for me to stay here, take care of her and never touch her money..