Monday, September 07, 2009


Okay, it was shan's + ernest pre bufday, and isaac's farewell, the party was fun as not that boom boom in the club type.. its in michelle's crib. so, we drink and drink and drink ALOT.. thus, SISHA till kong..
shan and michelle qoute it as WASTED.. their theory was..
Steps to Wasted.
Step 1: High
Step 2: Drunk
Step 3: Wasted!
Step 4: Total K.O.!!! *KONG* already!!!
=.='   okok here it goes..

isaac, shan, and ernest.. *the main role

guess what we're playing.. PICTIONARY!!.. super fun.. wanna knw about the game??.. go google it.. hahaha..

 of course there is time for camera.. duh~..

girl friend with her 2 hot boy friend.. hahaha.. *baboosh*

nice pose michelle.. u're always sexy.. *wink*

girl friend and kor.. *damn jealous lor.. they look so romantik*

see see...both of us take picture wif so un-romantic..

at first i thought both of them were just friends wif same look.. who knows there are siblings.. hahaha.. super COP lor..

then another game.. where we just drink, drink, drink and drink!!!...

and of course there is candid, high and very salah picture.. p/s: kinna kia blog's always got salah pic one lahh!.. hahaha..
this one VERY salah.. but i'm still amaze.. how the hell they do till look so real???!!..

look at gf face, damn cute!!..

and this girl, brush teeth also can cam whore.. lol..

Last but not least..
the group picture!!..
*some of them went back*
*of course i had fun, plus we cook maggi mee at 3am.. *punch*

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