Friday, September 04, 2009

look at the time now.. look look LOOK!!...

assignments is killing my brain cells, am gonna have brain damage soon. its like snow storm, keep falling on me.. bom bom bom!!. *piak*

french assignment *tick*
law presentation *tick*
financial *half done*
english presentation *tick*
english article *doin it*
law project *undone*
ergonomic *no idea*
LOOK how many more to go, imagine how stress am i living and studying the course that i dont wish to continue anymore ITS SO DEVASTATING!!..
so, it allows collin to have a reason to smoke.. yeah!~. without menthol or mint is a super big NO NO to me.. .

errr... its not a sin btw.. *punch*

hiak hiak... *PIAK!!*

p/s: mom, dont kill me!!.. ur son is stress..

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